Dr. Annabella Manalo

Since leaving Canada at 17 to pursue a basketball dream, Annabelle Manalo now balances life as a mother of 4, scientist, and educator. The dynamic life experiences that encompassed her journey have sparked an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help others.    

Annabelle was a 4 sport captain graduating with a 4.0 gpa out of high school. She ended up playing college basketball for Dillard University in New Orleans, winning 2 conference championships. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina hit at the start of her senior season, so Annabelle relocated to Eastern Kentucky University to finish her bachelors degree in biology with honors. Annabelle was an assistant coach for the Nicholls State Women’s Basketball team the following year but did not sign on the next year because she felt that her mission as an individual was to reach a broader audience.  

In the following years, Annabelle turned down an offer to play basketball overseas and focused on charitable work for NFL organizations. Interested in furthering her education, she started graduate work at Georgetown University in Neuroscience where her research focused on the partitioning of the thalamus by the Eph-Ephrin Receptors and Ligands. After 2 years, Annabelle took a short time off to be with her father in Canada who was diagnosed with cancer. It was at that time when Annabelle realized her purpose in helping people. Annabelle’s father beat all odds and was completely cured of cancer with natural eating and practices. She returned back to the United States and completed her PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology with a focus in Cardio-Oncology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, where she now resides. Annabelle has presented and published on the developing mesothelium and the cardiotoxicity of chemotherapies and genetic factors. She has also obtained a clinical trial certification.  

During her training, Annabelle experienced life-changing personal trauma that shifted her focus towards alternative medicine and natural health consciousness.  She has dedicated herself to educating individuals on the complexity of disease and encouraging healthy lifestyle habits. Now, she plans to educate the world on the benefits of CBD through the launch of her product, Masaya.