I firmly believe I was chosen. This was meant to happen so I could give everything that I gave to Macario to people across the world. This is now my passion and my purpose.
— Annabelle Manalo, Founder

In 2016, Doctor Annabelle was forced to navigate every mother’s worst nightmare, the birth of a sick child.

From birth, Macario suffered from unrelenting seizures, up to 200 per day. When traditional medication proved unable to control the seizures, Annabelle was forced to consider other alternatives. Ultimately, they decided to perform a surgery to resect 38% of Macario’s brain.

As a mom, Annabelle felt helpless. She couldn’t just sit back and watch Macario’s brain not repair on its own, so she started researching cannabis.

Following the surgery, Macario was on multiple medications and expected to have a poor quality of life. Unsatisfied with available treatments and unwilling to subject her newborn to toxic medications, Annabelle reacted as a scientist and mother. She carefully researched CBD and the various products available prior to making a decision to use CBD as an alternative for her recovering son. Dissatisfied with the transparency of existing products on the market, she created a solution herself – a pure and potent CBD oil with the power to change the course of her son’s life.

Annabelle started putting the CBD through Macario’s G-tube. Within three days, she started seeing results. He began to express emotion and had the energy for normal movements. Macario was walking by 14 months, and from that point on, he has played catchup in life.

Now a happy and healthy toddler, Macario is living proof of the power of science. Annabelle shares his story to advocate for continued progress in the research and development of holistic, plant-based treatment modalities like CBD and other cannabis medicines.

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Forbes: ‘Unsatisfied with traditional medicine…

this scientist developed a cannabidiol oil to remedy the brain seizures of her child…’