Doctor Annabelle Manalo

Quanta Announces Annabelle Manalo, PhD Will Join Its Board of Advisors

Quanta, Inc. an applied science company announced that Annabelle Manalo, PhD will join their board of advisors to help lead innovation from within its team of expert scientists.

PTSD, Veterans And Suicide: Action Is Needed, And Cannabis May Help

When it comes to cannabis treatment for PTSD and other debilitating conditions, it is important to remember that the human endocannabinoid system is built for neuroplasticity and protectivity of the nervous system — in other words, restoring internal balance. This promotes healing that is far beyond symptomatic.
— Annabelle Manalo, PhD

Thinking Autism International Conference 2019

Doctor Manalo joins top international researchers and clinicians to discuss 'New Frontiers in Autism Research: Evidence-based Treatment of Medical Comorbidities' in London. She shares her journey while outlining the differences between cannabidiol derived from hemp versus marijuana and providing education more broadly on cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system.

Holistic Health and Wellness Forum for Multiple Sclerosis

Yoga Moves MS, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating individuals with MS about a whole mind-body approach to achieve optimal health, is hosting a Holistic Health and Wellness Forum for individuals. With increased awareness and a broader understanding of an integrative and whole systems approach to wellness, individuals with MS can actively participate and contribute to their health.

Doctor Manalo joins an elite group of medial and holistic professionals with expertise in MS to find some inspiration around the integration of alternative methods with modern medicine and health care!

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Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin 2019 Educational Conference

The Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin decided to include a cannabis focused segment in this year’s educational conference, titled “Frontiers in CBD and Cannabis Care: Science, Laws, and Caring for Our Patients”. Doctor Manalo joins notable leaders in the cannabis industry to address the nation’s top pharmacists. Her talk titled “Integrating Cannabis with Modern Medicine” highlights how the industry has advanced beyond the data and discusses the need for further research, standardization and regulation.

American Society of Cannabis Medicine Joins Legislative Leaders on Capitol Hill. Focusing on the Future of Medical Cannabis.

Doctor Manalo, an ASCM Board Member and leading medical cannabis researcher, joins key stakeholders to help guide a national legislative strategy for the future of cannabis medicine.


The State of Cannabis 2018

Doctor Manalo speaks on a panel titled, “What’s the CBDeal” which explores the hype around CBD, including the differences between cannabis-derived and hemp-derived products, legislation and legalization, and the industry outlook. and BBC

Doctor Manalo discusses the newest Tikun Olam study evaluating the effects of Cannabis on children diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). This retrospective cohort study of 53 Tikun Olam patients analyzed the effects of Avidekel oil 1:20 and Erez oil 3%.

Forbes: After A Decade Of Testing, Israeli Medical Cannabis Comes To The US

There is an overall lack of research, education and standardization on CBD and THC products in the United States, so it’s hard for patients to learn which would be an effective strain or a quality product for their condition.
— Annabelle Manalo, PhD

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CannMed 2018

As the Scientific Director for Tikun Olam Global, Doctor Manalo joins the world’s top medical cannabis researchers to present and evaluate the latest findings regarding the efficacy of medicinal cannabis. The greatest minds in the industry converge to delve deeper into the world of holistic, plant-based medicine as a means to treat a wide variety of clinical conditions.

International Cannabis Business Conference

Doctor Manalo speaks to facilitate Hawaii's new rollout of medical cannabis and discuss national and international markets.

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The Grass is Greener

Doctor Manalo is a contributing expert for this Amazon #1 Best Seller. Discover what science, research and anecdotal stories have to teach us about the risks and benefits of cannabinoids. The Grass is Greener evaluates what research is still needed to better understand this versatile plant, and the studies that promise future breakthroughs in health and wellness.

Forbes: Crafting Cannabis: A Modern-Day ‘Lorenzo’s Oil’

I’m a scientist, so I wanted to understand all talk of the apparent synergistic effects of CBD extracts, how they differ, and what exactly I was giving my son. I didn’t necessarily want to make a CBD oil, but I was convinced that it could help my boy.
— Annabelle Manalo, PhD

The Hive Hour

Masaya means happiness. Finding this formula has brought us so much happiness because we’ve found something that can help a lot of people.

Doctor Manalo shares her story and mission to heal the world naturally through cannabis.